My Birth Story

Jackie Howard

Posted on December 06 2018

My Birth Story

Giving birth is singlehandedly the greatest thing that I have done in my life. Today I want to share that story with you. On April 30th, not only did I turn 21, but I also had my last appointment in my pregnancy. I was bound and determined to go into labor naturally, so they done a membrane strip in hopes it would send me into labor by my due date May 3rd, if not I would be back in the office again on my due date to have my membranes stripped again.

The night of April 30th I had consistent contractions beginning late that night. We went to the hospital, but I wasn’t dilated enough to stay and the nurse made me feel like I wasted her time. I went home and tried to rest. During the day I would use my yoga ball for relief (buy one you will thank me later I still use mine.) At night I could not sleep for anything.

On May 2nd my parents came up and we went to every store in Richmond and walked around for hours to try to get me to dilate. I went to the hospital around 11:30pm and the same nurse from Monday was there and wanted to send me home, but I was assigned a different nurse and she kept me. I wanted to have Athena completely naturally with no pain medication, but the nurses had a different plan. I hadn’t slept more than a few hours since Monday so they deemed it medically necessary that I get an epidural. Looking back I wish I would have fought harder against it and not let my family and the nurses talk me into it, but the sleep was nice.

Fast forward to around noon on May 3rd. My midwife came to see me and I asked about the epidural and asked for it to be turned off. She had the nurse antithesis come up and turn off my epidural. I didn’t have the completely natural birth I wanted, but nothing ever goes as planned.

3:00 pm comes around and I feel like I need to start pushing. My mom went to get the nurse and I was ready to push. I started pushing with my nurse Molly, she was fantastic. Any time I had any doubt she would tell me how amazing I was doing, she was definitely a blessing to have in the delivery room. Then my fantastic midwife Robin came in and finished the delivery. Molly went and got me a mirror so I could watch Athena being born.

4:02 pm the most amazing person to ever grace my life came into this world, my sweet Athena Mae. On her way here she swallowed too much amniotic fluid and she was whisked away from me and put under an oxygen hood because she couldn’t keep her oxygen levels up. I visited her in the nursery constantly only able to give her light touches.

May 4th, I finally got to hold my sweet little nugget and nurse her for the first time. She will be 6 months old tomorrow and she keeps growing and learning new things everyday. She is my greatest adventure.

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