Why I Decided to Create Raising Robinson’s

Jackie Howard

Posted on December 06 2018

Why I Decided to Create Raising Robinson’s
I love being a stay at home mom, but it does get lonely sometimes and you feel out of touch with the world. Raising Robinson’s is going to be my outlet to the world to communicate my thoughts, feeling, mommy methods, tips and tricks, and have one place for my favorite things. Not only am I a stay at home mom, but I am also a first time mom as well and that can be super overwhelming and there are tons of things that no one tells you about that happens along the way. My goal is to be able to help other moms with information, letting them know we have all been in their shoes and they are doing an AMAZING job! I also want to help small businesses get more support by periodically featuring our favorites. So join me on this journey and let me share my life and family with you!

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