America's Sweethearts Online Pageants

Welcome to America’s Sweethearts Pageants from Athena and Me. We love participating in pageants, but with crazy schedules we can’t always go and we know some of you have the same problem, so we decided to create an online pageant system so you could still get your pageant fix! Rules are as follows:

    • Pay only through the Athena and Me website, there will be links for each pageant under the Pageant tab we will also post the links when we announce each pageant on social media.
    • Once your entry is paid send photos to with entrants name and the order number for confirmation of payment. 
    • IMMEDIATE PAYMENT IS REQUIRED! Payment MUST be submitted at the time of entered 
    • These contests are NON REFUNDABLE
    • ANY photo qualifies!!! Photos do not have to be done by a professional 
    • Contests start at $5 for 1 photo and $15 for 4 photos.
    • Once the desired amount of contestants have entered the pageant, the pageant will close and the photos will be sent off to the judges. **Turn around time for judging will depend on the type of pageant and how many contestants are entered.**
    • There is no set date or number of entries to close pageants! Each pageant will require its own amount of entries dependant on theme and crown and we will close the pageant when that number is reached. 
    • We hold the right to combine age groups at any time if there is not enough interest in a contest, however most do not have specific age groups unless stated on the entry post.
    • Girls and Boys of all ages are welcome to do any of our pageants unless stated in the theme (i.e. Boys only theme)!
    • Shipping for crowns can take up to 3 weeks, depending on the crown. We also hold the right to send a different crown if the original one posted becomes unavailable (you will be notified).
    • Any type of negativity or drama on this page will be grounds for automatic and permanent removal. You will be terminated from any current pageant you may be entered in.
    • Deleting or blocking of any admin will result in termination of any title you may hold, any current pageant you may be entered in, and permanent removal from the group.
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN!!! Be polite and supportive of everyone. If your photo does not win, remember there will be other chances. Have good sportsmanship and congratulate the winners! We will not tolerate any negativity or drama.